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Markus Biedermann

Markus Biedermann Asked 4 years ago

Hi Alois and Jeff,

Back in december I had health issues and wasn't able to train or compete for a longer period of time. When I started again, my level had dropped by a fair amount. I am 44 years old now so you know it's a fast downhill slide in regards to condition, strength and all of that.

But of course one can catch up. Physically, I did catch up. But before december, I was mentally strong. Beating stronger players in tournaments gave a lot of self-confidence.

As I wasn't playing that good anymore after the incident, that mental strength has gone to heavens or somewhere else. Anyway, it's not here anymore :o.

I played a tournament last weekend. 7 matches, 3 won, 4 lost. All 4 were stronger players – at least on paper. But most sets had overtime and ended like 11-13 against me. Or, against the strongest opponent, I lost 9-11 in the fifth set.

Feels like I COULD have beaten more players, If only… don't know. The deciding moments I wasn't able to compete.

How can I get stronger again in these situations?



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 years ago

Hi Markus,

I think it is a matter of firstly giving yourself a little time.  As you said the other 4 players were better than you so the result isn't terrible.

In the crucial situations it is a matter of being able to keep your focus on the ball and the strategy that you need to implement at that stage.  Winning does install confidence as well and losses often decrease confidence...  Just try to get past that and treat each point you are playing the same.

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Markus Biedermann

Markus Biedermann Posted 4 years ago

Yes, I wasn't able to focus. My mind began spinning about options, possibilities and chances. Also I wasn't sure wich serve to choose at the end of the sets, what also gave an element of unsecurity.

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