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D K Asked 8 years ago

Hi PingSkills Team

As a pimple player, I often clash with players who use this strategy against me:

They serve backspin to my forehand and keep pushing wide to my forehand side.
if I twiddle and use backhand there, they start to play wide to both sides in order to enforce a longpips push.

If i eventually push with the long pips, they quickly smack regardless of the height. Not always they are successful of course, smacking a 20cm high ball is difficult, but they will still attempt to do it.  Many of them believe that longpips will stop the spin regardless of the stroke.

Or, if I do a loop off their pushes, they use a powerful active block against my current longpips side.

Any idea how to counter this strategy?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi DK,

Try to force the ball through faster with the long pips to give them less time to make their attack.  Also if they are trying to smash low balls and missing then that is OK.  Only worry if they are making those shots more than 50%

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D K Posted 8 years ago

That is exactly the problem.
Against longpips,they usually make these shots around 80%
But only from longpips,regardless of my stroke or their previous stroke.

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