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Last updated 8 years ago

Lorenzo Coopman

Lorenzo Coopman Asked 9 years ago

Hi Alois,

Being a beginner, I have to play lots of very young players at the club. Most of them are better (technical, more consistent ) players. However I noticed most of them make lots (tons) of (forehand) errors when I use backspin on my strokes.  Should I try and develop my game in this direction, or drop this kind of gameplan like a bad habit ?  Thank you, Lorenzo

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Lorenzo,

This is an interesting situation.  At this stage you will win points by playing defensively.  However, in the long run playing a more attacking game is probably going to get you to a higher level.

It depends on where you realistically want to get to.  It is good to want to be a good club player which you can reach playing a defensive game.  If you do want to reach a higher level that is where learning a more attacking and technically correct attacking game is going to be beneficial for you.

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Lorenzo Coopman

Lorenzo Coopman Posted 9 years ago

Okay, I will try 'to testosterone' my game and show those young brats :-p that even guys more then double their age can learn to play a offensive game. (Give me three months or so)

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 9 years ago

Haha... good luck with that.  Let me know how you are progressing.

Lorenzo Coopman

Lorenzo Coopman Posted 8 years ago

Three months have past; I think I made some progression -> I'm a more offensive player-:

  • On a good day it seems acceptable club-play is only inches away!
  • On a bad day the table seems many inches short or it looks like I want to make a entry in the Guinness book of records with the most unforced errors in the shortest possible time!

The club trainer suggested that things would go a lot easier if I changed my rubbers (I use Chinese DHS Hurricane3/Skyline2 ) to rubbers of a European style. I will give it a try.

If I keep progressing and can put the hours training in I'll be a "one of the pack player" somewhere next (european) summer, I have no idea if I can excel in this sport. We shall see ... 

That's the update !



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 8 years ago

Thanks Lorenzo.  That sounds like progress.  Well done.

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