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Samuel Lim

Samuel Lim Asked 11 years ago

what is a chole?? i hear a lot of chinese and asian player shouting this? what does it mean?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Samuel,

It is just an expression of joy.  I am not sure of its origins.  Others may know. 

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Judah Cagas

Judah Cagas Posted 11 years ago


Judah Cagas

Judah Cagas Posted 11 years ago

cho, it´s a fight samurai word....or is a contraction of "shaio"= come on, in chinese

other's say...

 As a chinese, i can assure you cho means nothing. Its just an expression players like to make when they win a point. If you notice players from all over the world makes more or less the same noise when they win a point.

another say...

 cho means "ball"; used like "score!" when making a good point

just got it in youtube comments




BTW sam will you join the puma tournament? its ok not a shirt but anything basta puma


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