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Martin Elliget

Martin Elliget Asked 10 years ago

Hi guys.

I enjoyed your lesson about Slow Spinny Topspin (Master Classes). I too like to throw in a slow spinny topspin shot to break up the rhythm of a rally, mainly forehand but my backhand loop is coming along now too. The problem I have with some opponents is transitioning to a point where I can play a slow spinny topspin shot in fast rallies. The timing needs to be spot on. A couple of my opponents love the fast, counter-hitting type rallies and it's difficult to change down from that pace into playing the slower spinny shot. I do try serving short and initially playing some push shots with backspin and, if they return similar, then I find it's relatively easy to loop that, but once the rally has become a bit of a slug fest, it's sometimes difficult to change the rhythm. Any advice? Of course, I should also try to improve my strengths so that I too like and win those fast, flat-hitting rallies!



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Martin,

I think serving with backspin is a good way to get the ball you are looking for.  It is difficult to change up the rhythm in a fast rally but it doesn't have to be a big change to get a good result.  Just a small change of pace can win you a point.  Just toss the ball up a bit higher and slower with a bit more spin and see what happens.

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Martin Elliget

Martin Elliget Posted 10 years ago

Thanks very much, Alois. I'll try it out next time I play those opponents.




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