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Vishwa Kalra

Vishwa Kalra Asked 9 years ago

lol... the title seems to be quite mischievous i guess.. but thats the problem i am facing more often these days...... no doubt i have developed a good piece of attack in recent times... and i'm quite often able to use it in matches as well... but sometimes, i dont know what exactly happens to me in the middle of the match when my brain usually doesn't able to get through in that aggressive way.... automatically i dont know how, but i change my gear from attacking to defence... and defence had never been my strength and that is how i lose a completely Had-Won game......

can u get my situation ? i think you cant.... and if u can.. please help me anyhow...!!

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Vishwa,

I certainly can get your situation.  It is usually a matter of tension that makes you become defensive.  During the match if you feel yourself starting to tighten up take a quick break and take a deep breath. Then focus on the tactics that are working for you.

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