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Carl Hughes

Carl Hughes Asked 8 years ago

Greetings coaches and everyone,

Lately I was discussing with my friends some rules of table tennis, and evidently, there's the one where if u make contact with the ball above the table (which would be going out otherwise) before it goes off the sides of the table, you lose the point.

However, what if someone is hitting an around the net shot, and once it crosses the net but still isn't over the table, you put your bat outside of the table, preventing the ball from bouncing back on your side of the table. Which means he basically hits the shot, and when it's close to hitting the table, you just block it at that exact moment before it's above the table, and the contact would not be made above the table, and it would be on of ur side of the court. Seems like this would be completely legal to do and should theoretically win you a point, although I doubt we will ever see such a shot being played.

I hope I described the situation well for it to be understood. If so, let me in on whether you think this would be allowed to do or not (regardless of the fact that it's such a buzzkill to block such a shot).


-Carl H

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Carl,

Nice thought but it wouldn't be allowed.  This is covered in the rule:  if an opponent obstructs the ball; 

This would be classed as obstruction because the ball hasn't had a chance to go onto the table.

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