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Craig Smith

Craig Smith Asked 7 years ago

I have restarted playing after a 40 yr layoff.  I have always used the pen hold grip and a lot of spin.  That doesn't work well for me anymore so I have switched over to the shakehand grip and long pips on my backhand.  I play 95% of my balls on the backhand.    My question is, what are the best strokes to use with long pips to fool the other player?  The group I play with hit about 75% underspin and almost never get away from the table.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Craig,

I think pushing through the ball with the long pimples works well.  It gives them less time to react.  Against a topspin stroke, you can come down vertically with you stroke.  Against a push, you can push forward with an almost flat racket (facing the net) to get some topspin on your return.

For our Premium members we have some lessons on these in our Strokes & Technique section. LP Attack Against Backspin and Long Pimple Chop Block.

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