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Mergim Ratkoceri

Mergim Ratkoceri Asked 7 years ago

Hey Alois,

Who ,in your eyes, is the best table tennis player ever in these categories:
forehand attacker
chopping defender
backhand attack
topspin attack/defense 
who has the best serve ever. which serve is it
What do others think of this.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Mergim,

That is an interesting question.

Forehand: Kim Taek Soo
Choppping: Norio Takashima
Backhand: Andrej Grubba
Topspin attack/defense: Joo Se Hyuk
Blocker: Valdimir Samsonov
Server: Jan Ove Waldner

Here is a start to the discussion.  I can be swayed though...

Anyone have some thoughts?

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Thoughts on this question

Jerome Barbaira

Jerome Barbaira Posted 7 years ago

forehand:Timo Boll chopping:Joo Sae Hyuk backhand:Dimitrij Ovtcharov topspin attack/defense:Jan Ove Waldner blocker:Michael Maze server:Ma Long

Aasim Showkat

Aasim Showkat Posted 7 years ago

Forehand : Timo Boll
Backhand : Ovtcharov
Blocker and server : JO

Jonathan Huynh

Jonathan Huynh Posted 7 years ago

FH: Ma Long

BH: Michael Maze

Blocker: J.O Waldner

Chopping: Joo See Hyuk

Server: Kenta Matsudaira

Penholder: Ma Lin

Allrounder: Timo Boll


Shripathi ramakrishnan

Shripathi ramakrishnan Posted 7 years ago

forehand:ryu seung min

backhand:jorgen persson

blocker:oh sang eun

chopping: koji matsushita

topspin attack/defense: mikael appelgren

serve: werner schlager

allround: jan ove waldner


merry christmas all!

Mergim Ratkoceri

Mergim Ratkoceri Posted 7 years ago

Thank you all as im relatively new to the game so i can research on these players and which which one to emulate.

Mergim Ratkoceri

Mergim Ratkoceri Posted 7 years ago

who do u guys think overall is the best


Nikhil Bathla

Nikhil Bathla Posted 7 years ago

what do think who is the best player ever who is best in all the things backhand, forehand, topspin etc.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 7 years ago

There is another post on the topic of best player overall.  You can also take a look at that one on Favourite player.

ker Gordon

ker Gordon Posted 7 years ago

forehand attacker:  Ryu Seung Min

Chopper: Norio Takashima

backhand attack: Dimitri Ovtcharov

Topspin attack/defense: Joo Se Hyuk

Blocker: Samsonov

Server:Gavin Rumgay 

Overall:Timo Boll




Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 7 years ago

Hi Ker,

Are you Scottish to get Gavin Rumgay in there?  I like his serve as well.  He gets so much spin and variation on it.


Oliver Posted 7 years ago

forehand attacker: Chen Qi
chopping defender: Koji Mathlasdjfklasjefk;l
backhand attack: Kalinikos Kreanga
topspin attack/defense: Joo se Hyuk
blocker: Jan-Ove Waldner
Serve: Ma Lin's control and disguise

ker Gordon

ker Gordon Posted 7 years ago

yeah Alois 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 7 years ago

Ok... have you played him or faced his serves?

ker Gordon

ker Gordon Posted 7 years ago

yes i had the pleasure in playing him at the Scottish open his hook serve is very deceptive especially his trademark kicker which looks like a float!!!! and , he has the ability to generate so much spin on his serve which is fantastic to watch but not as fun to play as the result was a tanking 11-4 11-1 11-2  

Julio Torres

Julio Torres Posted 7 years ago

isnt JO a better Blocker and Ma lin A better server??

Julio Torres

Julio Torres Posted 7 years ago

I think:

Forehand: Ma Long/Timo Boll (Shakehand) Ma lin Ryu Seung MIn (penhold)

Choping: Joo Se Hyuk

Backhand: Kalinikos Kreanga

Topspin atack defense: Michael Maze

Blocker: J.O. Waldner

Server: Ma Lin.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 7 years ago


I have problems seeing the difference even when sitting on the bench.  It is really difficult to see especially for a left hander.

Reynel Obordo

Reynel Obordo Posted 7 years ago

Forehand: Ma Long
Choppping: Joo Se Hyul
Backhand: Michael Maze & Werner Schlager
Topspin attack/defense: Jun Mizutani & Zhang Jike
Blocker: Valdimir Samsonov & Jan Ove Waldner
Server: Jan Ove Waldner

All Around: Jan Ove Waldner

ker Gordon

ker Gordon Posted 7 years ago

Indeed Alois and  i was just wandering what you meant by on the bench?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 7 years ago

Sitting on the sidelines coaching or watching the match.

Marian Stang

Marian Stang Posted 7 years ago



backhand:Wang Hao

Topspin:Ma Long




dola darkprince

dola darkprince Posted 7 years ago

FH & serve :ma line

BH & sidespin:micheal maze

top spin :timo boll

server :mizutani

blocker : J.O.Weldner

chopper :joo seehyke

Ji-Soo Woo

Ji-Soo Woo Posted 7 years ago

Good question.


FH Attacker: Wang Liqin

Chopper: Joo Se Hyuk

Blocker: Waldner

Server: Waldner

Backhand Attacker: Kreanga

Topspin Attack / Defence: Joo Se Hyuk

Ji-Soo Woo

Ji-Soo Woo Posted 7 years ago

Before the speed glue ban, I think Ryu had the best FH I've ever seen.

Tim Sodelund

Tim Sodelund Posted 7 years ago

FH Attacker: Xi Enting, a former chinese penhold world champion in the 1970´s

Chopper: Joo Se Hyuk


Server: Xi Enting, Ma Lin

Nirakar Sapkota

Nirakar Sapkota Posted 7 years ago

Well, BAckhand- Kalinikos Kreanga!!

Serve- Ma lin

Johannes Hesse

Johannes Hesse Posted 6 years ago

In my opinion Kalinikos Kreanga hast one of the most impressive backhands I have ever seen before.

mat huang

mat huang Posted 6 years ago

Anyone on ma lin as the best server?

Fh atk- ma long?

server- ma lin

chopper- joo sye hyuk

best shots or blocking- JO

Nathan S

Nathan S Posted 6 years ago

Forehand:ma long

backhand:zhang jike

defense:joo se hyuk



footwork:xu xin

Lefteris Aek

Lefteris Aek Posted 6 years ago

FH: Ma Long

BH:Kallinikos Kreanga 

Chopper:Koji Matushita

Chopper/attacker:Joo Se Hyuk

Blocker:Jan Ove Waldner

Server:Kenta Matsudaira


choronicles Mu

choronicles Mu Posted 6 years ago

FH(shakehand): Ma Long (Penhold): Liu Guo Liang

BH(Shakehand): Maze (Penhold): Wang Hao

Blocker: J.O Waldner

Chopping: Joo See Hyuk

Server: Liu Guo Liang & Waldner

Allrounder: Timo Boll


Jacob jb

Jacob jb Posted 6 years ago

But According To Jan-Ove Waldner He was interviewd that I read in Internet that a player has a style like this he will be a undeafeated player:

Forehand loop, opening: Ma Lin
Forehand loop, in open play: Wang Liqin
Forehand flick: Damien Eloi,
Backhand loop: Rosskopf,
Backhand flick: Wang Hao, over the table.
Defensive play: Vladimir Samsonov
Footwork: Ryu Seung Min
Ball sense: Mikael Appelgren
Reading the game: Jan-Ove Waldner
Tactics: Jan-Ove Waldner
Serve: Liu Guoliang
Returns: J�rgen Persson
Physique: Christophe Legout
Attitude: Wang Liqin

Kaustubh Kulkarni

Kaustubh Kulkarni Posted 4 years ago

Forehand: Ma Long

Backhand: Dimitrij Ovtcharov

Chopper Joo-Se Hyuk

Topspin: Jun Mizutani

Blocker: J.O. Waldner

Server:J.O. Waldner


Ernest Wahyu

Ernest Wahyu Posted 4 years ago

forehand attacker = ma long
chopping defender = joo se hyuk
backhand attack = kalinikos kreanga
topspin attack/defense = xu xin
blocker = zhang jike
serve = jun mizutani

ali feiz

ali feiz Posted 4 years ago

I think kreanga had the best backhand 

and ma Lin was the best server 

and ma long has the best loops

and waldner is the best blocker

also the best chopping defender for me is joo seahyuk

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