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ker Gordon

ker Gordon Asked 9 years ago

Why is it  i can play so well against good players but when i play weaker players, i make so many errors and especially struggle with half long serves.

thanks coach for years ive been struggling against weaker players

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Ker,

A few players find this.  You probably like the ball coming faster and cleaner to you and probably don't like the ball with a lot of different and weird spins on it.

This is just something you need to practice against a little.  If you start to adjust to the speed you will have the opportunity to overpower them with your stroke.  Still make sure you are moving well into position even if the ball is coming slower to you.
it may also be a mental thing.  Perhaps you relax too much against them.  Think about playing every point well. It may not be hitting the ball hard, but it may be hitting the ball smarter and with better positioning.

You may also find that even though they look weaker they may be quite clever with what they are doing.

Finally, take a look at our recent video response to How Can I Escape the Ping Pong Zone?

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