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Nigel C

Nigel C Asked 4 years ago

Alois and Jeff,

I have managed to convince my employer to buy a table for the workplace.

We are the proud owners of a nice butterfly table but the bats that have ben provided are not quite what I was hoping for. The plastic sheets that covered the rubber has stuck to the rubber and so making some of the blades slippery. They have hardly any bounce and aren't exactly ITTF approved! Or don't I need to worry about that just for office players? I have considered buying some hard bats to use but would still like some basic reverse rubber bats so people who have played before stand a chance of a proper game.

Can anyone recommend cheap bats for the office that won't fall apart.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 years ago

Hi Nigel,

Nice one getting the table.

The base range we have is the PingSkills Rook.

The main thing is to get something with a reasonable rubber on it.  Try to stay away form the hard bats.

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Nigel C

Nigel C Posted 4 years ago

Alois, the hard bats would just be for fun. I was thinking about trying to organize two ladder competitions one for hard bat one for proper table tennis - apologies to any hard bat users. I know you offer the ping skills rook, I have my own bat (it's a stiga allround evolution with vega pro and focus iii snipe) but wondered if anyone knew of nice cheap bats that I could purchase for others to use. The ones provided just have no bounce at all to them and as soon as the rubber wears which wont be long they will be just like using a hard bat! Amazon is just full of non ittf approved cheap sets that I wish my work colleagues to avoid.

Rohan Keogh

Rohan Keogh Posted 4 years ago

Hi Nigel. There are plenty of ITTF approved (or claimed to be such) bats out there. For social office players I wouldn't spend more than $20 a bat.

We got some Radak bats on-line (can't remember from where) for the office for the same reason you are looking. They were cheap at AUD$16 each (in a 4-pack) but are ITTF approved and all levels of players use them successfully.  They are pretty robust - lasted 9 months so far but a little on the heavy side for my liking (I use a PS Rook with Mark V). 

The rubbers are reasonable for social play but must be kept clean - something that usually falls to me because social players either don't understand or don't care :(  Regardless of which bats you get, keeping them in good condition for as long as possible will be the biggest challenge.

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