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Yazhou Pan

Yazhou Pan Asked 7 months ago

Hello PingSkills,

I've started playing table tennis in a league recently and noticed that if I'm in a rally with someone who can loop the ball relatively low, that I'm able to return the ball quite comfortably with a counter-loop of my own. However when the ball comes back quite high (either with minimal spin or a bit of topspin), but not high enough for a smash, and I go for a fast loop, I always overhit and over shoot the table. I'm wondering if this is just because my technique is wrong and I either need to adjust when I contact the ball (maybe wait for the ball to drop a bit), or I need to close my bat angle even more? Or is this a sign that my bat is too fast for me and I should get slower rubbers/blade?

Thank you

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 months ago

Hi Yazhou,

It doesn't sound like the bat is too fast.  For the higher ball I think you need to think about getting your arm up higher and angle your bat down more.

Often with these types of balls we don't start high enough which means you come up on the ball on contact which can lift it off the end of the table.

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Yazhou Pan

Yazhou Pan Posted 6 months ago

Okay that makes sense, thanks for the reply!

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