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AK 47

AK 47 Asked 5 years ago

Hi coaches!

Recently I played a guy who serves backspin serve with very little amount of spin. It is fast but short. But not short enough to flick it. And not long enough to use topspin. At least I can't flick and topspin that type of serve. Because for me it is hard to topspin when the ball is on the table and low.  When I push it, since there is liitle backspin on the ball, the ball goes high, then my opponent loops. When I flicked, I couldn't throw the ball over the net , because it is far from the net and there is little backspin. Before he started that type of serve I was winning 2:0. Then he wins 4 games in a row by using such third ball attack. What do you suggest? 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Ardak,

That can be an awkward ball to play.  The best solution may be to keep your hands relaxed and push the ball back short or softly and low to stop the attack from the server.

Try to take the ball as early as possible off the bounce on your side.  This will mean the ball is closer to the net and easier to keep short on the other side.

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AK 47

AK 47 Posted 5 years ago

Thank you very much, I didn't think about that.

I tried to do long pushes to the corner, but he could loop it well. Because in my pushes there was less spin , because of the receiving less backspin serve. 

AK 47

AK 47 Posted 5 years ago

Hello coaches!!!

Yesterday I played against that guy which I introduced in my question text above. I tried to do exactly what you suggested. I could do your suggestions! They was very very effective!!! I dominated and won !!!


Thank you very much coaches !!!


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 5 years ago

Well done Ardak!

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