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Sam Dixon

Sam Dixon Asked 12 years ago


Recently i have been trying to execute the backhand and forehand chops. However, when i try to implement them into a match situation, i miss the ball quite a lot.

My backhand is stronger than my forehand and i haven't really tried a forehand chop in a match yet because i do not think it is good enough.

Is it common to miss frequently with these strokes, or am i doing something wrong? does the ball have to be a certain speed or height, or do i have to be a certain distance from the table?



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 12 years ago

Hi Sam,

The chop can be played from different distances from the table.

Try closing the angle of your bat a little to start with.  So make it more parallel to the net rather tan the table.  This will eliminate the missing the ball a little.  As you get more confidence with the stroke you can open the angle a bit.

Itis difficult to do a push or chop when the bal is travelling too fast o too high to start with.  It is best played off a slower ball that is low to the table.

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