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bhaavan goel

bhaavan goel Asked 9 years ago


i am 14 year old and not that tall.there is a serious trouble in my game.i realized it when i lost a match against my opponent which i could have easily won. i was leading with 10-9 in the decider set when my opponent returned my counter quite high  which should have been smashed, i tried but failed and on the very next point the same what should i have done in that situation smash or punch as on the next point i tried to punch but failed.what basics should i keep in mind while smashing with backhand?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Bhaavan,

Firstly in most cases you should step around and smash with your forehand.  In most cases if you have time to smash then you have time to move around and use your forehand.

To play a backhand smash if you really need to, start with your bat quite high and contact the ball flat and fast. It is an awkward stroke but it is possible.

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bhaavan goel

bhaavan goel Posted 9 years ago

and what about punch!as my friend punches a chest level ball very well!!! the ball just turns away!!!!!

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