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rajeev bhalerao

rajeev bhalerao Asked 5 years ago

Dear Sir

For a short heavy backspin serve if I have to return with the backhand sidespin flick when should I hit the ball, as the ball has just bounce, at the top, or when it is falling down.

Six months ago I purchased the PS touch with Razka 7 rubbers and it is giving me great results and has improved my game very fast. Thanks for the racket and also for your kind guidance through you videos. A great help for all TT lovers to improve their game. Thanks once again.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Rajeev,

It is best to hit the ball at the top of the bounce for the Backhand sidespin flick.  This gives you the best margin for error on the stroke, especially when there is a lot of backspin dragging the ball down.

Glad you are liking the Touch with Rakza 7 and thanks for your kind words and support.  They are always appreciated.

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