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adrian george

adrian george Asked 10 years ago

Hello pingskills.Recently I saw on the internet players who can return almost any long service with a backhand flip(I think this is the name of the technique).What I want to ask is how to hit the ball and if my rubbers matters (I have a Tibhar grips europe-backhand and dhs hurricane 3 neo-forehand).Thank you I 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Adrian,

These players are using either a backhand flick or a Backhand sidespin flick.  You can see lessons on both of these strokes on our Lesson page.  These lessons explain the movements for both of these types of returns.  This is something that is special to some players.  You may have been watching Ovtcharov who uses this return a lot.I wouldn't recommend this return for everybody.  It is something that suits Ovtcharov's game. 

The rubbers you have will be good for making these strokes. 

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