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martin k

martin k Asked 3 years ago

Hi. I noticed that shorter serves with little spin (or float / nospin) give me trouble on my forehand. Most often the serve is not extremely low. I try to flick, but the return is too slow, and quickly puts me under pressure. Probably my flick is crap. Pushing the ball results in a too short and high return.

The serves might be sometimes just about high enough for a loop over the table, is that a good option?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 years ago

Hi Martin,

Work on the forehand flick.  Focus on the wrist going back in preparation for the flick.  This will help you to add speed to the stroke which will put the opponent under pressure.  It also opens up the possibility of placing the ball anywhere on the table including down the line which adds to your opponent's difficulty.

The loop over the table is another option but a difficult one especially if you are changing from the flick to topspin options.  I would go with one option to start with and then build on it from there.

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martin k

martin k Posted 3 years ago

Excellent point about the wrist. I have difficulties with going down the line, so will definitely give this a try. Thanks.

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