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D K Asked 2 months ago

Greetings PingSkills Team,

not really a question,I would rather like to thank you for everything,since it seems my little "career" in table tennis is over.
My team is,after long fights,going to be eventually dissolved by the end of April.
We have four matches remaining.
I was able to re-transfer the informations from your beloved site to my teammates,thus we have gone through this season without being ever defeated.
In my base Fourth District league,I have played 70 matches in total without being defeated a single time.
My team played 19 teammatches so far without being defeated,all thanks to your knowledge and help.
Our remaining 4 teammatches will be against very weak teams,who have already lost to everyone very terribly,winning only against each other.
I am in my best shape ever now....but with the death of my team,I must also die as a player,without any other option...
Being the leading player of Fourth District ranking list and being member of Fourth District's Number One team,who is leading 12 points above the Number Two,I would like to thank you for all your help to me and my team...
I am glad I could learn from you :'(


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 months ago

Hi Dan,

I am so glad that we were able to help you.  Congratulations on your and your team's results.

I don't know why you need to stop playing though.

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D K Posted 2 months ago

My team is a part of leisure centre.
The leisure centre is going to be closed down,as its operator decided it is not worth of being maintained,due to low attendance.
The attendance is not so low as she thinks,but the decision has already been made.
With the centre's closure,we are going to lose our hall,our tables and other equipment,our table tennis home.
My teammates attempted to recreate the team in another hall,but were unable to find any.
My coach's team,where I am playing as hosting player,is also going to be dissolved,I do not know the reasons.
Thus,my teammates and coach will either stop playing a league too,or they will go to another team.
But all of my teammates are working people.
I am still a student,I earn no money,and I have no other option how to get them.
Even though,no part-time job can give me enough money to pay for membership and trainings,table tennis here is too expensive.
In the second cheapest team I would need to pay more than 10x the money I pay now.
Also,most teams already banished me since my reputation as a defender is so bad.


D K Posted 2 months ago

Shortly,I am going to lose access to all table tennis tables

Nigel C

Nigel C Posted 2 months ago

DK, I hope that you find a way to keep playing, or if not, start again very soon. Good luck.


D K Posted 2 months ago

Thank you Nigel...
I guess I could start again in 2022,when I finish my studies.

But I do not know how I wil survive those three years without table tennis :(((
Without a lot of money,I am done now.


D K Posted 2 months ago

And even if I had the money,I am discriminated as a defender and young longpips user.
Every other team knows me very well,as I am the only young defender in my district.

Gerard Tran

Gerard Tran Posted 2 months ago

Never stop table tennis forever. Look at the Chinese, they have found many different and ingenious ways to play table tennis with any budget. 

It is be sad to hear a tt defender leave. I hope you can create a legacy for future players in your district so that hopefully, a table tennis centre will open again.


D K Posted 2 months ago

Gerard,our leisure centre is not table tennis focused.
It is focused mainly for entertainment of little children in areas of music,religion,and art.
Table tennis is only its side branch.
But we are not Chinese.
China as a country,as a government,supports table tennis.
In my country,table tennis is ignored by the government.
Here,budget means all.
The centre is going to be transferred to local kindergarten to extend their space.

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