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rana prathap

rana prathap Asked 5 years ago


Recently me and my friend went to a tournament in some college. While my friend was warming up by against the opponent, he came to him and asked him to show him the racket. My friend had a standard Mark V on both sides on a Butterfly blade. After looking at the racket they complained that his rubber was too old and they insisted that he change it or else they won't play with him. He was playing with that rubber for some time then and the rubber was showing signs of wear. Since they insisted he had to change and luckily one of us had the same combination that he could use. 

Can the opponent ask you to change your racket if he feels that it is "too old"? If my racket is old, that would be disadvantage for me too, because I can't generate enough spin. If I decide to roll with it, is there a provision in the rules for the opponent to ask me to change?

Thanks in advance for the response.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Rana,

There is definitely no provision for that in the rules.  It is totally up to the umpire and referee to decide whether a bat is legal or not.  If the rubber was merely too old is not a reason. If the rubber has been altered in any way they could ask about it.

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rana prathap

rana prathap Posted 5 years ago

Thanks for clarifying that.


It was a standard Mark V rubber, that was not altered in any way. It was just old was all.


May be from next time we will be able to respond to these situations better. 

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