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Oscar Moe Myint

Oscar Moe Myint Asked 3 months ago

Dear Sir,

For maximum backspin, how about brushing the total surface ( the diameter of racket ) ?

Does it produce maximum backspin as in brushing head of the racket ( away from handle) in your video?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 months ago

Hi Oscar,

The ball only stay not he rubber for a short amount of time so that is why getting the ball where the bat is travelling fastest is important.

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Oscar Moe Myint

Oscar Moe Myint Posted 3 months ago


Kevin James

Kevin James Posted 3 months ago

You point of contact is the key to get a maximum spin on the ball. As Rosario suggested, try to hit it from the middle to top part of the paddle.

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