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jimmy neuron

jimmy neuron Asked 10 years ago

Hi, thanks again for your wonderful works. I have quite long limbs so it's pretty difficult to move my position or swing my arms quickly enough especially for effective topspin. Some of my friends say table tennis is not ideal for tall people, though I hate to agree with them. Would you please show some trainings to increase the agility for people like me?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Jimmy,

Firstly there have been very tall world champions.  Wang Liqin and Jorgen Persson are both tall players both around 1.85m or 6ft 1in.

To improve your agility you need to work on your footwork.  You can do this by working on set drills.  Take a look at some of them in our free download on Training Drills.  The main area that tall players find difficult is in the middle area and being able to move out of the way to play a forehand in that position.  To work on this take a look at the PingSkills Drill in the download.

Just work hard on movement and you will be able to use your height to your advantage.

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