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D K Asked 9 years ago

Hello coach

I have a problem that I am afraid of moving quickly because I do not want to crash into the wall as I recently did.

Also,I am afraid of making a wide stroke (for example a loop on wide forehand) because I am afraid that I will hit the wall or the player that plays on the next table,if the tables are too close.

And I am afraid of making more powerful stroke,because I am afraid that I will send the ball behind the table,so it often ends in the net.

It happens very often if the opponent uses very high loop,but it is not a rule,it happens in any other cases but less often

Do you have any advice how to deal with it?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi DK,

I can’t help with the space problem apart from thinking about your balance more.  This will help you to stop quicker and change direction.

For the strokes, think about being more fluent and getting more racket head speed at the point of contact.  The topspin you generate will get the ball to go on the table even if the ball is travelling fast.

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D K Posted 9 years ago

I am not losing balance

I just am afraid that I will crash into a wall while running to chop a ball etc.

I have to focus on the distance between the wall and myself so I have problem with focusing on the game

Steve Billmire

Steve Billmire Posted 9 years ago

Hello DK,


Please don't be afraid. I am in the same situation you are with limited space. As most of my training and practice is in my garage. I am always thinking about the limited space I have. If you are playing with a club that has to many tables next to each other than you might want to talk to your coach and or the club administration about the situation.


As far as focus, Alois has plenty of video's that you can watch. Some for free and others if you want to become a "Premium Member". For me I really like the video " Basis Stance " (for free) and "Recognize your feelings" that has helped me a lot. As a "Premium Member" you will be able to watch "Leg Position", " Anticipation ", " Position and Footwork " , "Footwork Drills" and a lot more that can help you and your game.

I know for me I have watched just about every free video Alois has to offer and it has made a "Bigdifference" in my game.


Hope this helps you with the issues you are currently experiencing.


D K Posted 9 years ago

Yes,I know about the videos and I already watched the two videos that are free.

But because I cannot become a Premium member


about he lack of space: the small distance between tables is my smallest "space problem",I only reminded that this also can happen. My main problem is that I am,for example,afraid to go back because I am afraid that I will crash into it. My coach knows about my problem. But he cannot do anything with it. There simply is not any larger space. In my club,there is about 3-4 metres behind the table. This is not enough for someone who trains classic defense( and is not sure about his bat)


D K Posted 9 years ago

Oh I did not finish sentence: Because I cannot become a premium member,many videos I would like to see are unavailable for me

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