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Daumisx Krugliakovas

Daumisx Krugliakovas Asked 11 years ago

Hello I have a bit of a really Big Problem when I i get chance to smash I'm not doing it i usualy smash very slow and weak becouse im afraid to miss the table and that comes to my lose point i give chance o enemy to make a smash what i have to do? and second problem when i spin the ball or doing a lob with spin in a few shots my ball goes to net becouse i'm afraid of spinning to hard or lift the ball up.....

I know it sounds stupid for someone but i hawe a bit of the problem sometimes i make the smash and only sometimes i make it good BUT i know how to do it and when i'm not playing just training I made it good

whats my problem mental or skill less? 

You biggest fan 

With all the best


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Daumisx,

This sounds like a tension problem and not a skill problem.  You need to learn to be able to control your emotions during a game so that you allow yourself to play naturally. 

Take a look at several of our other Ask the Coach questions on the topic of Mental Preparation.  You will find a lot of good information there. 

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Daumisx Krugliakovas

Daumisx Krugliakovas Posted 11 years ago

Thanks alot for all your help

Sam Quek

Sam Quek Posted 11 years ago

I also have this problem. I was always tensed up and nervous about topspining the ball. I want to change to an agressive player, but I am having problems about being nervous. I knows this because whenever I finiched a point or its my freidns turn to play, I can feel my heart pumping super fast.

Daumisx Krugliakovas

Daumisx Krugliakovas Posted 11 years ago

Sam now i'm not afraid becouse of some options and a friends advice:

1.Dont be afraid its natural(lol not afraid. To make mistakes is natural)

2.Buy better racket or blade or rubbers( or not  :)


4.Dont be agresive just swing the hand from bottom right and finish it at high left so that makes a smash move or if back hand make the smash move but fast and hard so that ball goes faster but it will land on a table faster if the opponent makes topspin at serve smash 60%it will land on table 40% you will hit friend :P

and five the best :

5. Best attack is defence if you hawe chance attack if no deffend but if friend smashes slowly hit it with topspn or smahs and you will get super extra fast smash not always aim but better than nothing you can still hit freind :P

so here is some steps that you can use if you want more i can say now i'm timeless i will make more advices if will let me :)

Sam Quek

Sam Quek Posted 11 years ago

@Dausmix yeah, thanks for the advice, I can actually play better now.

Daumisx Krugliakovas

Daumisx Krugliakovas Posted 11 years ago

No problem well you can still hit friend any way but if you do say (i ment  to do)(ha take that) or (-_- not good) or apologies i dont know how it writes :P

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