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Daniel Martinez

Daniel Martinez Asked 8 years ago

1. Do you guys ever offer a trial- "Your first month is free when you sign up monthly." More of a free month to try it?

2. This is not a fair question b/c it maybe asking you to speculate way too much; especially for a technician like you (We know Jeff will speculate willy nilly all day but for a true technician like you I'm going unorthodox and asking for a little opinion. Ha!) :  So XU XIN is no longer number 1. We have all come to grips with it by now but what could be the cause. 

  • Could it be the new plastic ball?
  • Could it be that he is tired of the spot light?
  • It was reported that when Ma Long beat him last that XU switched from his normal rubber. Ma Long stated, "Naaa, I knew Xu Xin was not at 100%. I knew he's transitioning to a different rubber..." Could that just be it?
  • Could he be changing his rubber because of the plastic ball?
  • Is he just getting older and age is catching up with his style? (Sad to say. More because he is sooo young but that pace could only be held onto for so long)

3. Do you think the Chinese Team manipulates the rankings between themselves? So when you see the last Xu Xin v Ma Long match you also see Liu Guoliang in the background laughing and not really paying attention. Almost as if it was planned or that it did not matter. So do you think they said, Xu Xin had it for a whole year- lets transition it over. (Maybe b/c DHS is going to pay us more than Stiga for that initial #1 ranking buzz.)

4. Also, you spoke about grip needing to be loose- did you mean that for PenHolders too?

Thank you for everything!

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Daniel,

1. We offer a money back guarantee if you are not happy rather than a free month.  We did try the free month a while ago but have decided on this way as our best option.

2. OK, some speculation from the conservative guy… I think it is the change in rubber but also the Chinese players are very close in ability.  It also depends on how many tournaments each of them is playing.

3. I don’t think they manipulate results so much any more.  Perhaps by the way they set up who plays which events there could be some manipulation.

4. The penhold grip also needs to be relaxed.  In general most players play with tension in different areas of their body.  The grip is just one area that can often be improved for both shake handers and penholders.

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