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Oliver Asked 10 years ago

Hi there,

I was watching a video from the Pingskills Classic and noticed how Simon finished off Miao Miao in the final point with a 3rd ball down the diagonal. I also saw many of Ma Lin's games and saw how he managed to finish off many opponents with his 3rd ball on a diagonal. However, the difference between Simon's and Ma Lin's games is that Simon always seems to be ready for the next one and, if blocked, Ma Lin barely goes for the next one. What makes him so confident in his 3rd ball attack that he simply cannot be bothered caring about the next one? I know that they are very powerful but as demonstrated by my previous question "Ultimate Block", even one of the seemingly perfect attacks can be blocked.



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Oliver,

Ma Lin does take some risks with his forehand and doesn't worry too much about the next ball sometimes.  He does have exceptional balance though when he needs it.

Simon has a wide base and is more ready for the next ball and winning the point in the rally.  He does also play a winner where he doesn't need to recover for sometimes.

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Oliver Posted 10 years ago


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