3rd ball attack after a long backspin push

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Charalampos Kotsocheilis

Charalampos Kotsocheilis Asked 6 years ago

hi coach,

when i serve and the opponent returns me a very long backspin push, I find myself very unstable when i try to execute a topspin.  When i try to adjust my self to fix this problem,then a 2nd problem appears.Either i am out of position,either i have no time to execute the stroke in full action.It feels like i dont have enough time to start my stroke from the correct starting position.The result is that unintentionally i start my stoke from a higher starting position and of course the ball goes into the net.

Strangely, i have no problem at all with a very long nospin-topspin return of the opponent.I execute a killing 3rd ball topspin very easily and very effective. Another strange thing is that when i am out of position,not in terms of short-long ball,but in terms of left-right ball,and i am forced to use the cross-over step to execute a topspin,in a magical way the result is excellent for me.

Is there any useful tip to fix this problem,or is just a matter of footwork and technique?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Charalampos,

Try to shorten the stroke but start lower.  You don't need a big stroke but starting lower will give you the lift to get the ball over the net off the long backspin ball.

Also stay lower with your legs after your serve.  This will also help you to lower your bat starting position.

For the footwork across the table it is OK to use the crossover footwork if you are moving. a long distance but try to stay more square to the table for the smaller movements.  This helps with the recovery for the next ball.  In training get your opponent to play the ball one to each side and practice the movement across the table with the sidestepping rather than the cross over.

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Charalampos Kotsocheilis

Charalampos Kotsocheilis Posted 6 years ago

ty coach,

It seems that i am loosing precious time between my serve and my positioning for the  first attack.You have been helpful once more.

I want to take the opportunity to express my opinion about you and your work.I believe that the success of you and Jeff is not the hepful videos or the correct answers you give.The main reason of your success is that you always have a glowing and joyful face, and at the same time you are clearly aware that you have a deep knowledge of the object without creating the feeling of inferiority in the one who follows you.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 6 years ago

Thanks Charalampos.  Very kind words.

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