Table Tennis For All #272

6 years ago

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Prologue - 0:36

Alois tells the story of World Champion Dot DeLow. He also talks about his experiences working in remote Pacific islands and working with the Paralympic team.

Tip of the Week - 6:01

How to get the most out of your practice when training with players who are weaker than you.

Drill of the week - 9:16

The PingSkills drill with multiball

Remember When - 11:43

We take a look back a the first World Table Tennis Day where there were 158 registered events in 70 countries.

Tournament Wrap - 13:09

We discuss the Paralympics. We talk about the different events and classes, and how athletes are graded.

Wheelchair Doubles and Mixed Pair Doubles - 20:52

DK: What rules are applied to a mixed doubles pair when one player is in a wheelchair and the second one is a highly mobile player?

What To Do At 10-0 - 23:27

Tevia: I recently played a very easy match in the mixed doubles senior inter regionals. In the final game we were up 10-0 and 2-0 in games. I was receiving serve. The serves were quite high and had very little spin so if I wanted to I could kill the ball anywhere on the table, especially since they were serving to my forehand. My partner asked if we should give them 1 point just to be nice and not make them feel bad by losing 11-0 or not stuff about and take the match immediately. What would you guys do in this situation. In my family there are a lot of VERY competitive sportsmen and they would definitely not give them that point.

Embarrassing and Funny Moments - 26:55

Joshua: Hi Alois and Jeff, what is/are your most embarrassing moment(s) in Table Tennis?  And what is/are your funniest moment(s) in table tennis?

Getting Angry When Losing to a 'Bad' Player - 28:13

Johnny: Hello. I've had this problem for quite while now, where I get very angry/frustrated when I'm losing to a player who I think of lowly. This cause me to play very badly and lose a lot of points. For example, I played a player who only started playing a month ago, had no proper coaching, and lost to him because of this issue. I am a beginner, but have done about 6 months of coaching. I felt like my work and money was being wasted as I'm losing to players who's done much less training than me. Any tips on this mental issue?

Beating Better Players - 30:51

Magic: Is there like some easy move that can beat an experienced player? I'm 15, been playing for around a year and regularly play with players much better than myself. I get on the table, score a few points, but generally get beaten and then have to wait in line again -.-. Got any tips for me? I want to at least beat ONE of them now and again LOL. 

When To Play An Around The Net Shot - 32:43

How far exactly does the ball need to be from the table in order to perform an around the net shot and what kind of spin do you need to focus more on when doing it? Sidespin or topspin?

PingSkiller Mail - 34:10

We discuss some of the mail we received regarding our last show Spin in Table Tennis #271.

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