Starting Out In Table Tennis #269

6 years ago

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Alois and Jeff discuss how they started out in table tennis.

Tip of the Week - 8:45

This week we discuss the most important skill in table tennis, especially for beginners.

Drill of the Week - 13:22

The Physical Warmup has changed a lot in the last 20 years. We discuss the latest methods and share how you should be warming up before playing table tennis.

Tournament Wrap - 21:11

We discuss the Pyongyang Open, and the upcoming Olympic Games.

Remember When - 28:40

Today we take a look back at a 4 year old Timo Boll playing table tennis.

Which Grip is Better? - 30:33

Frendy: I just want to ask which grip is better and give me your reason with your own opinion. I'm a shakehand player but after thinking a lot about the grip between shakehand and penhold (i just like both of these grips) i think that penhold grip is better.

Are Robots Worthwhile? - 34:22

Duncan: The quality of my practice at the moment isn't the best - age old scenario of players wanting matchplay, or clubs being too busy to get a reasonable density of practice.

Starting with a Fast Bat - 36:11

Musaab - Since I'm a fan of ZJK I bought a ZJK ALC and attached to DHS NEO 3 as FH and Tenergy 64 to it. it was a lot better and  I progressed a little, but now the main problem arises, this blade is extremely fast as a result the NEO 3 FH is became so sensitive to incoming spin, and T64 BH was good overall but blocking heavy topspins is next to impossible. I noticed how control was important for me because now I have no control at all.

Controlled Backhand - 39:21

Eugene: Table Tennis is a very fast sport as you know and we usually don't have a lot of time to do big strokes. Especially  on the backhand side. Is it a good idea to just use a counterhit or drive to hit balls on the backhand side and just rely on good control and good placement to win points? I think this way it's faster to recover. Then having a big backhand topspin.

Watching the Ball - 41:54

Luka - How do you keep your eyes on the ball?

Choosing a Table Tennis Table - 43:39

Hector: What I should look for in a table tennis table? Hardness, weight, color, material, brand? I want it for indoor use, in my own training, and an occasional game with friends.

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