Spin in Table Tennis #271

6 years ago

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Welcome to Ask the Coach Show #271 where talk about the magical effect of spin in table tennis.


Alois talks about how spin makes table tennis a unique game.

Simple Tips for Dealing with Spin - 4:30

Alois discusses the basics of spin and gives some advice on how to cope with different types..

Tip of the Week - 7:13

No one can do the same serve to you 10 times in a row where you won't be able to get it back by the tenth time!

Drill of the Week - 10:16

The Double Handed Catch!

Remember When - 14:43

We go back to the 1952 World Championships where Japan unleashed a new secret weapon to a little known player - Hiroji Satoh.

Tournament Wrap - 18:04

With only a couple of weeks to go we discuss the Olympic Games confirmed players ranking list.

How Can I Return Spinny Serves? - 24:49

Xavier: Every time i try and return a serve it's so spinny it jumps of my bat yet when i see good players they touch the same spinny serve but it just makes it back to the servers side. How do they do that?

How Do You Return Timo Boll's Serve? - 25:59

Carlos: How do you return the Timo Boll serve?

What Are My Options for Receiving Short Sidespin Serves? - 27:50

Tushar: When some of my opponents do a sidespin serve with short length on my forehand or backhand, I try to receive it short (or we can say want to play a drop shot) on their respective courts but usually (almost all the time) either the ball goes out of the table or the came with height and it is very easy for them to finish it. So what can I do?

Is the Banana Flick Effective Against All Types of Spin? - 29:56

Joshnathan: Most of the players are using backhand sidespin flick in receiving serves. Is it effective against all kinds of spin?

Receiving No Spin Serves - 31:45

Mars: Coach, I lost a very important match against my colleague because I can't properly return a no-spin serve. Usually, I return it high and then he will just smash the ball with ease. How do you effectively return or attack a no-spin ball?

Attacking a Chest High Ball on the Backhand - 34:29

Aaron: I always struggle with how to hit a chest high ball on the backhand side in particular the starting position for the backhand. The ball is not high enough to smash on the backhand side but I want to make an aggressive shot, any thoughts. Thanks Aaron 

PingSkiller Mail - 35:34

We discuss some of the mail we received regarding Show #271 - From Garage to Club.

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