Show #365 - Happy Valentines Day

2 years ago

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Today we discuss how Alois used short pimples on his backhand for a year. We answer questions about receiving, the service rule, and the playing styles of Mima Ito and Vladimir Samsonov. We hope you enjoy the show.



Thoughts Before Receiving In A Match

Since the server has so many different options for a serve, what should the receiver be thinking of before the point begins?


The Wall

What is the plan of Vladimir Samsonov's playing style?


Mima Ito Playing Style 

I like to play close to the table. So I’d like to play like Mima Ito who is currently ranked third in the world among female players. She uses short pips on her backhand. When she returns ball during rallies, she pushes back the incoming ball forward, especially on her backhand side. She doesn’t use a conventional BH stroke. Actually she covers about 70-80% of the table using this style of play. She used her FH drive only when the ball come to the far right. I use regular FH and BH strokes. But I have been thinking of stopping to swing a BH stroke and using her playing style. What do you think of her playing style?


Dimitrij Ovtcharov's Tomahawk Serve Toss

In Dima's matches, I see that he uses the tomahawk serve a lot and he is tossing the ball very sidewards and it looks pretty obvious that it isn't a legal serve. But the umpires don't fault him for that toss. Why is no one stopping Dima from his sidewards toss?


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