Show #362 - Guiding Light

2 years ago

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Have you ever heard of the show Guiding Light? It came up in today’s episode as part of our OMG Facts section. If so, let us know if it is something we need to watch! As usual we have a tip of the week for you, a terrible joke from Jeff, and we answer 4 of your table tennis questions.


Practicing BH Topspin vs. Backspin

Before learning FH topspin vs backspin I learnt topspin vs block. I did many FH practices vs block. I have never did practices FH topspin vs backspin. I automatically started to feel how to do FH topspin vs backspin. I tried to learn BH topspin vs backspin analogically but it didn't work. I practiced BH topspin vs block many times, practiced BH topspin vs backspin several times. Almost no result. I will continue practice BH topspin vs backspin, but I want to know how to practice it correctly? Should I try hard and try to lift the ball with fast and agressive? Or should I do relaxed movements? But If I use relaxed movements I can't lift the backspin. If I try hard, I feel that I am doing wrong practice. Because I get tired after several strokes, my muscles get tired and feel pain. How should I practice?


Table Tennis Robot

Hi guys, could you please recommend a good table tennis robot for an intermediate player please.


Training After A Break

Whenever I take a break of just 2-3 days, the quality of my shots (especially the forehand topspin) and consistency gets worse and it takes weeks to get back to my usual level. This has happened to me many times and is very unsatisfying. Do you know why this happens and any ways to avoid this?



Which Video Camera Is Good To Record Table Tennis Videos To Analyze?

Which Camera do you use to record table tennis videos - which will help to analyse gameplay?


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