Show #357 - We're back and the World Championships are on!

2 years ago

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It's been a long time since our last episode of the ask the coach show and we are super excited to be back and talking about table tennis. The World Championships are currently in action and hopefully things are starting to get back to normal, whatever that means. As always, we answer your table tennis questions. I hope you enjoy the show.

WTT Camera Angle

Eugene - Hi alois,  it's been a super long time since I last ask a question. How have you been doing? I hope your doing well especially in this pandemic. My question for today is, what are your thoughts on the new side angle introduced by WTT? I personally love it very much as I can see the players' strokes and techniques so much clearer right now. However a lot of people hate it and are complaining about it. Do you think that this a bad or good for the sport in general?

Samsonov Factors of Longevity

Bob - Hi there, I am impressed by the longevity and playing style of Vladamir Samsonov. I am an older guy and appreciate his relaxed approach and maintaining his body (few injuries) and do you think his playing style contibutes to that? I will never be as good as he is of course, but if I wanted to model my game on his, how would I go about that? Any suggestions?

What to do with a high backspin ball

Manfred - I have a recurring problem with my forehand. My opponents often misread my service and in return I get a high ball with more or less backspin at the middle of the table. When I attack I often topspin or smash it straight into the net. I still haven´t found a solution so I´d be grateful for an advice.

Movement of Hand vs Feet

Sonia - I have a habit of staying at one place and whenever the ball is far my natural reflex is that my hand stretches and my legs do not move. I want to get rid of this habit. I practice some movement at home but my practice doesn't seem to work in front of the table. When the ball comes to my backhand counter hit movement does not come naturally. I just stretch my hand towards the ball and the ball goes straight into the net or outside the table. How can I get rid of this habit.

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