Show #343 - Focus at 10 all

3 years ago

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This week in the podcast we discuss an ask the coach question about playing your best table tennis when the score is 10 all. We also discuss other interesting questions, give a tip of the week, and have some fun discussing random stuff. I hope you enjoy the show!

My Most Recent 10 - 10 Experience

Jasper - I played a best of 5 game in school just now with a friend. I won the first set and then my opponent won the next set. However since the time was almost up, the coach told us to play at 10 - 10 and the loser would have to do 15 push ups and 15 burpees. I took your advice to focus in the present, managed to save a match point and then won 14 - 12.  Pretty happy that I was able to control the pressure.

Liu Shiwen

Peter - I often watch Liu Shiwen's playing style on youtube and I often ask myself what is the secret of her success. Is it her quick reaction, her short swing or taking the ball always on the rise.  Probably all of that. It seems to me it looks like she is punching the ball forward with no loop and topspin, she is just hitting the ball but very fast. As far as blocking is concerned she is sometimes using a Tomahawk block a term I never heard before.

Color Choices for Ping Pong Room

Robert - I’m repainting our ping pong room. What color(s) do you recommend for seeing the ball best?

Racket Which Way Round

Phil - Hi, can you tell me i always assumed that the offensive strike from the rubber is the RED side but a friend of mine says it is the backhand side which is BLACK who is right?

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