Show #310 - World Teams Championships Part B

5 years ago

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Joke of the Week - 1:25

If you're Russian going into the restroom and Finnish coming out, what are you whilst you're in the restroom?

Competition Winners - 2:22

We announce the 5 winners of a PingSkills T-Shirt

On This Week - 4:36

Chen Xingtong, Cho Seungmin, Nicholas Lum, and Darren Webb have birthdays.

Tournament Wrap - 8:44

World Teams Championships Results

Tip and Drill of the Week - 16:06

Watching the best players and thinking about the future.

Backhand From Outside Body - 21:05

Chandrachur: The start position and the finish position of the backhand topspin you have mentioned in the tutorials seem to work great only when the ball is in front of the body. But if the ball is just a little bit left of the body (I am a right hander.) then I find it very awkward to do the backhand topspin shot with these start and finish position.

I know that this will be solved if I move and position myself so that the ball is in front of my body and then hit the shot. But I just want to verify if we can hit a ball that is only a little bit to the left of the body by making any modifications to the stroke if somehow I find myself in that situation. Or is it that in such a situation I in no way can make a strong effective backhand shot?

Backhand against Slower Balls - 24:45

Josh: Hi there with my backhand I can easily hit back a fastball and guide it back but say it was a slower maybe higher ball I'm not very good at attacking that. Any shot that would help me attack those slower balls.

Fitness for Tournaments - 27:16

Dib: I've got some tournaments coming up which I really need to do well in. one thing I notice with tournaments however is that I always burn out too early and end up losing my momentum. what can I do to increase my performance and fitness so that I can play full day tournaments without burning out at the beginning.

Backing up from the Table - 29:48

Donald: I'm confused as to when players back up from the table and how quickly.  Obviously you back up when expecting hard shots from your opponent, but exactly how and at what point to move backwards is not is unclear to me.

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