Show #306 - Ma Long Seeking Number 1 Ranking

6 years ago

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Joke of the Week - 3:02

What if there were no hypothetical situations? Why do you always find things in the last place you look? Why are pirates so mean?

On This Week - 4:22

Ma Wenge turns 50.

Tournament Wrap - 6:32

German Open - Ma Long is back.

Tip and Drill (Trill) of the Week - 10:37

Flick when the time is right (not all the time). Practice by getting a training partner to serve short.

Advanced Forehand Footwork - 14:09

Gerard: Lately, I've been trying to practice my forehand topspin. I feel like I'm not getting very good power from doing the move. I think it has to do with the footwork. Could you please explain to me what I need to focus more on?

Chopping Against a Pusher - 16:40

Tam: I am a chopper.  This week I played some players who push against me all the time when it goes long to their forehand. its actually thrown me off a bit as I'm not quite sure what to do because I'm used to going out then coming back in, but this style of play I am forced to stay close to the table, and because they push all the time when they push to my backhand 24/7 it actually starts to go quite high because I have no room to chop and they push with float. what should I do?

Playing a Backhand Dominant Player - 20:11

Tri: Hi, How do I deal with backhand dominant player?

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