Show #302 - Changing Bats During a Match

5 years ago

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We're back after a short break from the podcast. I hope you had a good break too and are now back into the swing of things for 2018. We've got our usual segments including a great joke of the week, and as always we answer your table tennis questions. You can ask us a question on the PingSkills website.

Joke of the Week - 1:26

Did I tell you the joke about the roof?

On This Week - 2:24

Deng Yaping's Birthday

Tournament Wrap - 4:17

World Junior Circuits Final

European Top 16

Trill of the Week - 10:12

Focus on your serving and practice your "go to" serves thinking about variation of spin and placement.

Mental Preparation for Tournaments - 13:40

Shubham: Before going for tournament match there is always a nervousness in me. Are there any tips to calm down and focus so that i play my natural game?

Smashing Effectively - 16:26

Rajguru: How to smash such that it shouldn't rise up in opponents table so that there won't be any time for him to block it?

Changing Bats During a Match - 19:10

Hin: If I have 2 bats, one for offensive play and one for defensive play, suppose I was using the offensive bat during the first set and then wanted to use the defensive bat for the second set, is it legal to do so? I know it is better to only focus on one style of play, and I am not planning to do the above, but just curious if that's allowed in terms of the rule.

Time To Throw Out Old Bat - 21:48

Nigel: About 30 years ago I purchased a Stiga Offensive Kjell Johansson blade and used it for several years. I currently use a Tibhar blade and have a Stiga all round evolution blade as a backup. Recently I wondered how my old blade would compare to a modern one. It seems horribly slow and makes a distinctive high pitched sound when hitting the ball (it has fairly new Friendship 729 fx rubbers on it). I have noticed on earlier posts you have said that blades can go soft with age. Is it time to throw this blade out, or can it be improved by sealing it, or should I get a job directing planes at an airport?

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