Show #295 - Halloween Jokes

6 years ago

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As it's Halloween, we've got some great jokes for you on the show today. Plus we talk table tennis and answer your questions!

Jokes of the Week - 2:00

What kind of horses go out after dusk?

Why do ghosts like to ride in elevators?

What do mummies like listening to on Halloween?

Why didn’t the skeleton like the Halloween candy?

On This Week - 3:30

Ai Fukuhara and Matthew Syed's Birthdays.

Tip of the Week - 8:20

Serving your best serve often

Drill of the Week - 10:11

Practice your best serve and watch the returns that your opponent makes.  Try to predict the type of returns.

Tournament Wrap - 11:40

Womens World Cup

Is this a Let - 18:57

Joshua: So I have an odd question about a special case for a serve. I understand that for a serve to be a let, the serve hits the net but must otherwise be a legal serve. Normally this is when you serve, the ball hits your table, the net, then the opponent's table. However, what if the order is changed? I got a really lucky (or unlucky) serve where the ball hit the net, my table, then the opponent's table. In short, a normal let serve has the order table-net-table, but what if the order is net-table-table? Thanks!

Changing to Long Pimples - 22:01

Filippo: Hi Alois, I have not asked you a question for quite a while so I thought I would show that I am still keen and thankful for all the hard work that you and Jeff do for us. A few months ago I took the decision to use long pimples (no sponge) on my backhand. I am 71, have always played at the table, and the game was becoming too fast for me. I needed something to slow it down and, so far, the pimples have worked for me. I do not have the problem of receiving fast service on my backhand and I have more opportunities to use my trusted forehand. The control is also exceptional. To give myself a chance I decided not to play any league matches or tournament this year so, in terms of results, I am not certain if I am doing better than before. Judging by some friendly matches at practice sessions I should be getting better results but it is really too early. I come now to my question and sorry about my lengthy preamble but I needed to explain the motivation behind such a drastic change. Is there any hints that you can give me about the strategy to follow and anything else that will help me to make the most out of this rubber?

Using Sidespin Flick - 25:45

Jim: What's the scenario where this is most useful. I've gathered that it's to replace a forehand push on a short backspin serve. I'm trying to kinda figure out how to practice it with my robot, but is the point of the sidespin to help "lift" the backspin on the short return? I feel like I can use this move when the ball has no spin or short top spin, but it's still difficult to lift it on the short backspin. Is it just a case of more practice, or should I not be trying to really use this on short backspin serve return. 

Shifting Grip from Forehand to Backhand - 28:57

Jack: I noticed that whenever I switch from forehand to backhand or vice versa, I tend to shift my grip a little and this hinders my reaction speed, however if I do not shift my grip, the racket feels like it's in the wrong position and it also limits the flexibility of my strokes. My question is: Is it normal to shift my grip or am I holding the bat incorrectly?

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