Show #290 - Tibor Klampar's Birthday

6 years ago

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Alois sets a new standard with the great "On This Day" segment as he announces Tibor Klampar's Birthday. Jeff entertains the audience with another hilarious joke of the week, and of course, we discuss some great table tennis questions. Enjoy the show!

On This Day - 1:20

Tibor Klampar's Birthday? Joao Monteiro, Jens Lundqvist, and Gavin Rumgay also have birthdays this week.

Joke of the Week - 8:00

Why did the skeleton go to the party alone?

Tip of the Week - 8:56

The biggest change you can make is your short game. It is fun to hit long balls but for results practice short game.

Drill of the Week - 11:08

Short Play Game

Tournament Wrap - 13:40

The Czech Open

Dimitrij's Service Technique - 20:50

Dipayan: Why does Dimitrij go down to do his backhand serve?

Humidity and Rubber - 23:07

Chandrachur: Where I go to play, that club is a very humid place. While I enter that place, I test out my rubbers by rubbing the ball against the rubber to check the grip, and I can feel that my rubbers are in tip-top condition. However, after playing 30-45 mins, I check my rubbers again, and literally they feel like they can become the best anti-spin rubbers in the world :P. No grip at all. I think my rubbers are dead, but once I return home and check the rubbers again, they again seem to have gained their grip back. This problem is haunting me for months now. I have tried changing my rubbers but every rubber seems to become dead as after playing 30-45 mins in that room.

Losing to Weaker Unorthodox Player - 25:42

Vishal: I lost the game 3-2 despite having the lead 2-0. the player I had faced did not have any technique but just used to yell when he got a point. I need to know how to overcome this problem of mine coz I had just defeated 3 players with a very good technique and also I do not want to repeat this mistake once again.

Sweatbands Yay or Nay - 30:30

Jim:  So one of the things I've noticed about my table tennis sessions is that I am sweaty. I get drenched. I know there are sweat breaks for a towel off, but I don't really think i've noticed a general trend of professionals being decked out in 80's Andre Agassi style sweatbands. Is this something I will more likely see at a club. I feel like having at least 3 different on-body sweat receptacles will really help keep me above water, but I also don't want to get bullied on top of losing to the 12 year olds at the club this fall. Sweat bands..yay or nay?

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