Show #288 - Match Drills

5 years ago

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This show we talk about the importance of match drills as a building block of table tennis. We also have the regular segments and answer your table tennis questions.

On This Day - 1:13

Birthday's of Quarter finalists in the Worlds - Kim Song I and Yu Mengyu

Joke of the Week - 2:15

What did the fish say when he ran into the wall?

Tip of the Week - 2:50

Make your training drills match like sooner rather than later.

Drill of the Week - 4:42

3rd ball attack as a match drill

Tournament Wrap - 6:30

Bulgarian Open

Match Warm Up With Long Pimples - 11:05

Azhar: Hi Alois, I have a match today and since I use backhand long pimples and am an attacking chopper I would like to know the approach I should take during pre match backhand warm up. For example, what do competitive long pimple players do in tournaments ? I don't want to counter with my lp as I am not good at it. Another option is to turn and return counters inside out with my forehand. A third option is to twiddle my rubber n hit backhand counters with my forehand rubber. What would be most appropriate, considering that the third option will not reveal my lp rubber (incase he doesn't notice the colour and doesn't ask to see my rubbers).

How Long to be a Pro - 13:18

Omar: I'm omar from the Netherlands. I played since 2015. I joined a table tennis club in 2016 and I played a competition the result was 90%. How much time do i need to become pro or international player?

Following Up After Topspin - 17:38

Hi guys, Now I have a new problem. Finally I can do topspin from backspin but when i make that and opponent blocks it back Im not able to make next topspin properly because I'm too late. This is specially happening when i use forehand to opponent's forehand.

Toss in Doubles - 19:57

Rajeev: In a doubles match after the toss who will choose the combination, who will choose the side and who will serve. What are the rules?

How Many Balls Can You Hold? - 25:40

Eugene: This is  quite a silly question. I see other players that are able to hold up to 8 balls in one hand comfortably. But my maximum amount is 5 and can squeeze in 1 more very uncomfortably. So is there any secrets to holding more than 5 balls in one hand?

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