Show #283 - World Championships 2017

5 years ago

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In today's show we'll talk about the amazing World Championships, we'll have our regular segments, On This Day, Tip of the Week, Drill of the Week, and of course answer your table tennis questions. And, back by popular demand is the joke of the week.

On This Day - 1:10

Jun Mizutani's Birthday

Joke of the Week - 2:10

Did you hear about the guy who invented the knock knock joke?

Tip of the Week - 2:47

Watch the best players in the World.

Drill of the Week - 6:15

Serve short with backspin, push short, and then push long, make sure you jump back into position to play the long ball after the short ball.

Tournament Wrap - 7:40

We discuss all the results from the World Championships in 2017.

Win a PingSkills Table Tennis Bat - 27:00

We announce the winner of our World's competition.

Defense - 30:53

Ryan: Hi Alois. I am new to table tennis. I have just started playing at October, last year. One thing I have noticed is that I fail at making kill shots like smashes nearly 50% of the time, but have an innate skill at blocking by reflex the forehand topspins and smashes. The problem I am facing is that at smashes with very high speed, the ball flies over the other side at times, and it is sometimes a really hard thing to predict the success rate of my block. what should I do to maximise the success rate? I am trying to improve this skill to build an absolute defensive play style. Your expert tips are required.

Doubles Serve - 33:14

Euguene: I've recently been training doubles in preparation for the national private school table tennis championship. I can get there thanks to your guidance :) My doubles partner is not as good as me. He makes a lot of mistakes. Even on high balls. And he isn't very good in topspinning backspin balls. However, both good forehand and backhand topspin is very powerful. Only lacking of consistency. So my question is, what serve should I use to incorporate him? I've tried backspin serves and he can't topspin backspin balls well. I've tried topspin balls and it went high. But he kept using his backhand and miss the ball.

Doubles Position - 35:56

Kelvin: In a doubles match, should the non-serving partner stand beside or behind the server to maximize the chance for an effective return? At what distance?

Awkward Grip - 38:15

Ali: I want to ask a question about holding/gripping a bat. I Holds a table tennis bat in very awkward way. Seriously, i keep my thumb on face of bat and rest of four fingers on the back of racket (by this I couldn't play shot from back of bat). The thing I want to ask that is this type of holding/gripping allowed In Table Tennis? 

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