Show #282 - Planning Your Week of Practice

7 years ago

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In today's show we'll talk about the World Championships, we'll have our regular segments on this day, tip of the week, drill of the week, and of course answer your table tennis questions. Plus we have a special joke of the week!

On This Day - 1:39

Alois has absolutely nothing for us!

Joke of the Week - 2:23

A man walks into a bookshop...

Tip of the Week - 3:41

How you plan your week of training

Drill of the Week - 5:50

We discuss the previous drill of the week where you were to try not moving during a rally, and what this was meant to teach you. This week the drill of the week revolves around your service practice.

Tournament Wrap - 9:37

The 2017 World Table Tennis Championships

Win a PingSkills Table Tennis Bat - 12:20

Learn how you can win a table tennis bat by picking the winners of the 2017 World Table Tennis Championships


Backhand Dominant Player - 17:35

Purvez: I have a backhand dominant game with a decent push and a devastating backhand wristy flick/smash. Although I have a fairly good forehand I don't have confidence in using it often in competition or even training. Consequently, I tend to stand more on the forehand side and try to play most shots with my backhand. This worked when I was in a lower division. However, now in a higher division the opponents are smart so they give me deep backspin serves on my forehand which most times I return with my backhand and its easy for them to loop deep into my open backhand and win the point.

Can you suggest what all I should do to play a more all round game and use my forehand more often?

Shakehand Grip Weakness - 20:29

Tim: What’s the weakness with shakehand grip is it FH or BH?

Staying Low - 22:35

Heejoon: Hello, I've been playing table tennis for about two years. I'm having this problem when doing forehand loop drive that my body becomes upright after impact with the ball. Others have advised me to try to stay low and keep my upper body bent forward throughout my swing, but I can't seem to fix this bad habit.

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