Show #280 - Don't Give Up Too Early

6 years ago

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In today's show we'll talk about practicing without a partner, learning how to topspin, changing fortunes in matches, and the incredible Tomokazu Harimoto. We'll also have the tip of the week and drill of the week.

On This Day - 1:39

Cedrik Cabestany's Birthday - 18 February

Tip of the Week - 3:48

Don't give up too early

Drill of the Week - 8:15

Varying placement with forehand topspin

Tournament Wrap - 12:18

The Indian Open and Tomokazu Harimoto

Practicing Strokes Without a Partner - 18:12

Subhan: Coach, what is the best way to perfect basic strokes as nowadays I'm often without a partner so any way i could practice basic strokes alone?

Difficulty Doing Topspin - 21:34

Baseer: I am a beginner player in table tennis using Butterfly Wakaba 3000, when i play with one my friend having a style of chopper, I can't return his chop by doing topspin stroke. Every time i do topspin the ball hit directly on the net. I can't understand what is the problem, even how hard i try I can't do that. Please give some suggestion.

Topspin Strength - 24:32

Lukas: Every coach says to me that i do not need to play every topspin that strong because that means a lot of easy mistakes. I always try to avoid these easy balls but i think the quality in my slower loops is not that good even when i try to play the ball long and with spin. I got many counter attacks when i have good opponents. What can i do?

Changing Fortunes in Matches - 28:14

Frank: My friends and I play fairly casually and our sessions consist mostly of best of 3 games.

One of us has a strange habit where he plays well while we warm up, stumbles in the first game but is completely in the zone in the second. But by the time the third game comes around, he's shaky again.

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