Show #277 - The Katana Grip

6 years ago

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On This Day - 1:07

Patrick Chila (born 27 November 1969 in Ris-Orangis, Essonne) is a French table tennis player who has competed at five Olympics from 1992 to 2008.

Ariel Yenhua Hsing (born November 29, 1995)[2] is an American table tennis player who competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics. Hsing became the youngest U.S. table tennis national champion in history in 2010 at age 15.

Tip of the Week - 6:50

Using your wrist

Drill of the Week - 11:11

Practicing the Flick - Use short serves or multiball

Tournament Wrap - 14:45

Swedish Open

The Katana Grip - 19:07

We discuss a grade 2 player using a new style of grip called the Katana Grip. Will this become popular?

Long Pimples for RPB - 22:08

Icon: Is it okay to use long pips when playing rpb the back side specifically.

Anger Under Pressure - 24:02

Nathan: I have never been able to beat my Dad at table tennis, he is nothing special but whenever i am doing really well, he always makes me choke and i mess up. Also no whenever i play, if i mess up simple shots, i start getting very angry which makes me miss even more. My Dad ends up quitting on me whenever we are playing because i get so mad. How do i keep myself from missing those easy shots, and keeping my temper cool. Please help, i really need to beat him. So please help.

Strategy Against a Fast Server - 28:01

Ardak: I played with a guy who plays really fast. When he does his very fast topspin serves, I can't react to loop or to use topspin it. Because I can’t topspin against very fast balls, also,  he serves sometimes to the left, sometimes to the right side. Tried to topspin it or loop, but without success. I can always block it, or counter by flat bat contact. But he continues to topspin, I continue to block. Tried to counter by flat contact to different sides of the table, but after 3-4 blocks I fail. What must I do?

Ma Lin's Fake Serve Action - 31:05

Jason: Hi. I already know about how to do the Ghost serve, and I don't wanna ask about that. I just amazed when I see he hiding his serve (a little) with his left hand and if I watch his serve in his matches I just can see that he brush the ball to the other side (It looks like he is doing a reverse pendulum serve, but actually he is doing a normal pendulum serve). My question is, how to do that? (I really want to learn it)

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