Show #276 - Bad In Tournaments

7 years ago

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On This Day - 1:28

Teddy Bears and Jean Michel Saive

Tip of the Week - 5:02

Using your thumb for the forehand push

Drill of the Week - 7:05

Short pushing with the first person to make a topspin winning the point

Tournament Wrap - 9:19

We discuss the results from the 2016 Austrian Open

Bad in Tournaments - 15:45

Carl: I've been playing table tennis fairly consistently for about a year and I'm in love with the sport. I seem to play fairly well against friends however when I get in a tournament setting I seem to fall to pieces. Is there something I can do to conquer this problem?

Weak Players Winning - 21:16

Eugene:  I want to ask you about a player who is seemingly weak but able to beat or even challenge a state level player. A player who has no real strokes, slow and clumsy can beat a state level player with fast footwork, good attacks and good serves. How can you explain this?

Flooring - 23:48

Joseph: My question is what type of floor is suited for table tennis?

Preparing for Matches - 26:30

Filippo: On analysing the results of the past years, except for the ones that I have won or lost in 3 straight games, I have noticed that I have on average always lost the first game. It is only when I lose the first game that I wake up and start playing to my best. I seem to need the first game to study my opponent and devise an appropriate tactic or it may be due to my age (I am 70) and need a game to warm up properly. I cannot improve on the latter as there is unfortunately, at local League level,  no possibility of a proper warm up. Can you give me some advice please?

Bubble in Rubber - 29:49

Patrick: How can you fix a rubber with bubbles on the middle of the rubber, I mean like the top sheet and the sponge is like separated but only one portion of the rubber, and that's the middle, is it still fixable or its just dead gone?

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