Show #275 - Are Pro Veterans Still Improving?

6 years ago

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Tournament Round Up - 1:23

European Teams Championships Qualification

On This Day - 06:10

Ai Fukuhara and the Melbourne Cup

Tip of the Week - 11:30

Working on your short game by making your practice more like a match

Drill of the Week - 13:42

Practicing your backhand opener

Playing Someone Weaker - 18:20

David: recently I have been introducing family members and friends to the game just casually asking them to join me and go play outside for fun. Maybe its a bit odd to ask but how do you guys play games against new players do you let them have the point and fake missing. I just want them to experience how fun table tennis is and playing against someone who is much better might.

Chopping Fast Topspin With Smooth Rubber - 21:14

Brandon: I felt it quite impossible to chop back (hard to catch the ball and if I manage to chop, it will fly high or out of the table) when the opponent give a super topspin returning my backspin.(not normal topspin, it is kinda like super super fast with a lot of topspin in it). I can chop back if the opponent gives a normal or slightly a bit more topspin than normal low and safe on both side. Both of my rubber are smooth. Any suggestion on handling that super topspin type of ball with chops?

Carrying the Ball - 24:18

Phillip: Hello coaches, Phillip again with another question.  I can't find any rule that covers a "carry" during a return or stroke. The "carry" I am asking about is similar to the "carry" in tennis where the ball is carried on the racket for a moment rather than a rebound off the racket.  I saw one today for the first time.  So is it legal?

Backhand Serve for Defenders - 26:59

Daniel: Seems like choppers and modern defenders use the backhand serve disproportionately more than attackers. Do you agree and if so, why do you think that is? Also, why are there almost zero left handed defenders? Obviously there are generally fewer lefties and fewer defenders in general, so it makes sense that there would be very few cases where a player is both.

Are Pro Veterans Still Improving - 29:27

Leopoldo: Are pro veterans like Samsonov still improving? Or are their skills diminishing faster than they can improve?

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