Show #265 - Xu Xin Wins Korean Open

8 years ago

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Monday Tournament Wrap - 1:00

Xu Xin Defeats Ma Long at the Korean Open

#PQOTD - 7:20

Have the Chinese National Team selectors got too much power?

Last #PQOTD - 7:46

Will Ma Long return to form and win the Korean Open this weekend?

Returning Half Long Serves - 9:28

Nicolas: When my opponent serves half long backspin to my forehand I want to attack it but once tried and hit my rubber hard. I tried the FH flick and the BH banana but am caught out of position. Any tips?

2.0mm Mark V for Development - 14:13

Spamm20: 1: I have problems with short serves that look like they are long- i get ready to play a FH topspin, but than i cant play it.Should i just push? 2: I play the Mark V 1.8 on both sides, but i would like it 2.0 on my FH.Should i perfect my technique first?

Counter Attacking - 16:58

Tim: To counter attacks I usually try to block or chop the ball but this leads to me playing defensively. I am more comfortable attacking so how should I counterattack a topspin loop effectively? When I try it goes in the net or hits the edge of my bat.

Attack Strategy for Professionals and Amateurs - 20:25

Ilia: For an offensive player there are two ways to develop 1 Concentrate on forehand topspin and turn it into an overwhelming strength 2 Work on both forehand and backhand. For a pro practicing often the second is viable but the first is best for amateurs

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