Show #262 - Developing Unique Serves

7 years ago

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Last #PQOTD - 1:43

Should Fan Zhendong be playing at the Olympics?

#PQOTD - 4:44

How many provincial Chinese players do you think there are that are better than the No.50 player in the World?

Drill of the Week - 5:34

FH topspin to FH and BH block

Persson Coaching Ovtcharov - 8:45

Mike: Hi guys, welcome back! Dimitrij Ovtcharov has a new coach, J├Ârgen Persson. Do you think Persson who has had his own success against the Chinese of his day can make Ovtcharov more competitive against the Chinese?

Developing Unique Serves - 10:46

SJ: As seen in serves of other International players all have developed their unique serving style like Ma Lin and many more. Is it a good idea to develop our own unique serve to boggle the opponent in the match?

Hybrid Rubbers - 13:17

Juan: What advantages and disadvantages do you think there are in hybrid rubbers(rubbers with a euro/jap sponge and a tacky chinese topsheet)? Also, would you advise the use of these rubbers or is it better to just choose one or the other?

Tracking the Ball - 14:48

Kristian: I can't find the time to calculate where the ball will land. And when I am looking at someone else playing I can predict pretty much every ball, but that's probably because of the 3rd person prespective. When I am in a game I just can't do it.

Olympic Champions - 17:21

Viktor: I know it's early but who do you see winning Olympics?

Laughter is Infectious - 18:25

Viktor: Have you re-watched the Omonoiadam Hadjivasiliou video?

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