Show #261 - Liu Shiwen and Ai Fukuhara

8 years ago

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Last #PQOTD - 1:07

What is the longest break you have had from Table Tennis?

#PQOTD - 3:10

Should Fan Zhendong be playing at the Olympics?

Technique Tuesday - 3:31

Long pimple chop block

Welcome Back - 6:22

Viktor E: Welcome Back Jeff and Alois, I've missed you. It feels like you have been away for a year.

Level of Table Tennis - 6:33

Viktor E: Is it me or has the world of Table Tennis increased and improved while you have been gone? I've been watching alot lately and I see many young talents that I haven't seen before who plays nearly as good as the top 5 in the world. Am I right? is it me?

Liu Shiwen's Control - 8:13

Yap: How can Liu Shiwen control the huge amount of topspin by the slow spinny forehand loop by Ai Fukuhara and hit the ball so flat that it is like a smash?

Switching from Penhold to Shakehand Racket - 12:09

Nick: I have been a penhold player for 30 years however I have been experiencing some pain in my hand. I would like to switch from penhold to shakehand. I know that I would need to change blades. What would your recommendation be for the shakehand racket?

Ai Fukuhara's Serve - 13:18

Michael: I looked to Fukuhara's serves for guidance. I realized (but I may be incorrect), that she keeps all of the fingers on the bat during the duration of the serve. Isn't it more effective to only use the thumb and index finger when serving?

Ma Long Loses! - 15:27

Viktor E: Were you surprised that Xu Xin beat Ma Long?

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