Show #260 - Champions Shunned

7 years ago

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Japan Open - 1:05

We discuss the winners who have been shunned from the Olympics singles field.

Last #PQOTD - 7:50

Is there a better name for the Modern Defender?

#PQOTD- 10:08

What is the longest break you have had from Table Tennis?

Body Angles - 11:14

Nuri: I found a picture from web and I wonder what must the angles be at the knee joint, the hips and elbows?

Playing with Angry People - 14:48

Romeo: How do you play with angry people? My practice partner makes a ton of mistakes, and he either blames it on me, or hits the table with his bat. We couldn't get any practice done because of this.

Weight Training - 17:29

Evil Bunny: I saw in the place where you record your training sessions there is an option for weight training. I was just wondering how useful weight training is and is it good for all levels or just top players. What kind of training would it be?

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